Discount Negotiation is a skill capable of making those using the Calc skill to give the user a percentage discount.

Description Edit

Michio is able to increase the amount discounted by assigning more points to the ability. Using 31 of his total bonus points, Michio usually gets a 30% discount on items and services he purchases. (Note: He should be able to get a 35% discount if he uses a total of 63 points).

Total Points Available Points Needed for Upgrade Total Points Used Upgrade Level
99 0 0 lv0: Normal Price
98 1 1 lv1: %10 Discount
96 2 3 lv2: %15 Discount
92 4 7 lv3: %20 Discount
84 8 15 lv4: %25 Discount
68 16 31 lv5: %30 Discount
36 32 63 lv6: %35 Discount

Trivia Edit

  • Although it works on those using Calc without them noticing, a third party who can calculate the proper amount without the skill can notice the discrepancy.

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