In order to become an Dragon Knight one must be the Dragonkin tribe, a Lv 5 Villager, and must defeat a demon by themselves.


Increase Endurance (medium)

Increase Endurance (small)

Increase Endurance (tiny)

Skill: Dual Wielding (passive)

Critical Outbreak (passive)

Damage Reduction (passive)

Skills Edit

  • Dual Wielding (passive)
    • Allows the user to either wild two two-handed weapons in each hand or one Two-handed weapon and a large shield.
  • Critical Outbreak (passive)
    • Increased chances of delivering a critical strike.
  • Damage Reduction (passive)
    • Reduces all damage the party receives both magic and physical.

Trivia Edit

  • It is said that only the righteous among the Dragonkin can acquire this job. It is a job to protect their lord and friends.

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