In order to become a Hero one must do something heroic like save a village from bandits. Heroes have the abilities:


Increased HP (intermediate)

Increased MP (intermediate)

Increased Physical strength (intermediate)

Increased Stamina (intermediate)

Increased Intelligence (intermediate)

Increased Spirit (intermediate)

Increased Dexterity (intermediate)

Increased Agility (intermediate)




  • Overwhelming:『By the deliverance of ei...』
    • The user is able to think and move relatively faster than before allowing them to react to the enemy as if they were moving in slow motion for a short time. It's similar to acceleration or a boost in agility.

Trivia Edit

  • The first emperor is the only person known to have had this job before Michio. It was assigned to him by the Temple of Elen.
  • It is said that if anyone else was discovered to possess this job, the empire will deem that person as a rebel and be summarily hunted down and executed.

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