Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World Volume 1
Light Novel - Volume 1
Release Date 2012/12/21
ISBN 978-4072859421
Volume 2


The website "Let's Become a Novelist" has finally serialized the #1 ultra popular work! High school student, Michio Kaga, was searching for ways to commit suicide on the internet leading him to a strange website. While viewing a strange website, he was somehow transported into a game-like world. Although the village he arrived in seemed peaceful, a sudden number of bandits appeared. Michio, utilizing the equipment gathered after his character creation, successfully repelled the bandits. This world, the weapons and skills created through character creation are identical to those used in the "real world". Michio fights demons and traverses labyrinths to assure that he will find a way to survive in this other world. Eventually, Michio is introduced to a female slave named Roxanne. The girl is beautiful beyond what the world has seen before. In order to get Roxanne, Michio begins his climb to success.


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