Luke Acid
Race Human
Age 28
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type
Family Father
Native Language Brahim
Jobs Armor Merchant Lv2
Occupation Broker
Affiliation Quratar's Merchant Guild

Harz Duchy

Equipment Sacrificial Misanga
Media Debut
Web Novel Chapter 59

Luke Acid is a broker from Quratar's Merchant's Guild. He is Michio's personal broker.

Personality Edit

Luke is an honest and trustworthy individual. These qualities make him an excellent broker for all of his clients.

He is also a cunning man, always ensuring the highest possible profit from all of his transactions.

Background Edit

Luke was born the son of a broker. One of his father's clients was Gozer. This led to Luke making connections to the Harz Duchy through Gozer. He eventually took over as Gozer's personal broker.

Chronology Edit

Luke and Michio first met when the latter entered the guild looking for a broker. Michio decided to hire Luke; unknown to the latter, it was because the former's Purchase Negotiation and Discount Negotiation skills would work on him.

After this Luke would contact Michio whenever he successfully bids on a Monster Card. Luke would later act as a messenger whenever the Duke of Harz would like to contact Michio.

Relationships Edit

Michio Kaga Edit

Luke is Michio's personal broker. Luke is a trustworthy broker, getting what Michio orders without giving him fake items. Luke seems to see Michio as a good customer; someone who always has more orders placed and sometimes sells valuable equipment.

Gozer North Braun Anhalt Edit

Luke seems to be well acquainted with Gozer, as his father was Gozer's personal broker in the past.

Trivia Edit