Magic Crystal is an item that can collect magic power from defeated demons.

Appearance Edit

Magic Crystals are small stones about the size of a chicken egg.

Description Edit

A Magic Crystal is crystallized from the gathered magic power of demons in labyrinths. Its color indicates how much magic power is inside of it. Defeating bosses gives more magic power to magic crystals than regular demons. Magic Crystals are used as an energy source for the Guild Temple and other things. Magic Crystals are also fusible; pushing them together fuses them and the magic in them.

Color Amnt. of Magic Power Nars
Black 0 0
Red 10 10
Purple 100 100
Blue 1000 1000
Green 10000 10000
Yellow 100000 100000
White 1000000 1000000

Trivia Edit

  • Magic Crystals can be found in labyrinths or bought at the Explorer's Guild.
  • You have to hold a Magic Crystal somewhere on your body to collect magic power, it won't work in the Item Box.
  • If you are holding more than one Magic Crystal, the magic power collected is split between them, making it take longer to collect magic power.
  • Magic Crystals are one of the most expensive items sold from entering labyrinths.