In order to become an Master Smith one must be a Dwarf, a Level 5 Villager, a level 10 Explorer, and must strike two demons with a hammer in the same swing.


Increase Strength (medium)

Increase Stamina (small)

Increase Dexterity (small)

Skills: Create Weapon

Create Armor

Monster Card Fusion

Item Box Operation (10)

Skills Edit

  • Create Weapon: 『』
    • Create a weapon from raw materials.
  • Create Armor: 『』
    • Create a piece of armor from raw materials.
  • Monster Card Fusion: 『Descend O Lord to celebrate, O shadow of heaven and earth — Monster Card Fusion.』
    • Fuses a Monster Card to a piece of equipment to grant it an effect.
  • Item Box Operation: 『We have 800-1000 items. Item box, open!』
    • An item box is summoned. The size of the box (number of items that can be stored) is 10 stacks of 10 items.

Trivia Edit

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