Palmasque is a town Michio visits to buy mirrors and sell amber.

Background Edit

Anyone is free to enter Palmasque. One can buy and sell as well. It’s necessary to keep copper coins with oneself. Taking residents of Palmasque outside is prohibited. All the buildings in the town, except for the adventurer guild, use protective cement, therefore, Field Walk can only be used through the adventurer guild. Outside the adventurer guild is the check post. One is required to verify their Intelligence Card there. There is also a required entry toll of one silver coin in addition to the charges. Even slaves are allowed entry into Palmasque.

Chronology Edit

Michio and his slaves entered Palmasque.

Layout Edit

All the buildings are white, due to protective cement. There’s no trace of green in this town; No trees, no forest. But that doesn’t mean it’s a desert. There are weeds growing in vacant spaces between buildings.

All the trees were cut. If there’s a large tree, Field Walk can be used. Because they used protective cement on all the buildings, they couldn’t leave the trees out there.

Because it’s an island, there’s no labyrinth, there also isn't any mountains.

The entire island of Palmasque is talented. Glassworks, mirrorworks, clockworks, goldworks, silverworks, jewelworks, there’s no match for Palmasque in these crafts.

Features Edit

Because it’s an island, craftsmen and artisans can’t run away. Therefore, the arts and crafts of Palmasque stay in Palmasque. That why Field Walk is not allowed outside the adventurer guild. To ensure that their techniques are not leaked outside. There’s no freedom for craftsmen and artisans here.

People buy Palmasque Mirrors for decoration purpose, not for daily use. It doesn’t matter if the price is high, because it can be resold for an even higher. Those in Palmasque are aware of it, therefore, they decorate the rims of the mirror with gold, silver and/or jewels.

Known Characters from Palmasque Edit