Zabir is a town Michio goes through when he goes to Palmasque.

Background Edit

Closest one, alright. Go via eastern exit and head straight. It’s not under the management of explorers, but there’s a way from here because many people go there from the guild. The road is branched up midway. Take left, you’ll find the labyrinth. It’s close, you can walk to it if you can’t use Field Walk.

Chronology Edit

Michio finds out about Zabir when looking for any town that is on the way to Palmasque.

Layout Edit

Zabir is rather serene, red bricks and greenery go along quite well. The town walls are made of reddish brown bricks, and look splendid. About three meters high, there’s a small gate on the side, about a meter wide, single swing gate. Above the gate is a turret, the gate-keeper is there.

Features Edit